Monday, February 19, 2007

Alive and kicking....

Well, it's been an exciting time, to be sure....

I have to apologize for not posting here in oh, four months - but by way of confession, it's been a particularly busy four months. Most of the absence has to do with my magnificent obsession with work (which ended up with me in the hospital for the weekend of January 5th, as described over here) and ended with a Spirit-led wake-up call over here.

I haven't been blogging about my experiences in the GLBT world largely because there haven't been any - or at least, none worth mentioning. Life has basically circled around

a) Work
b) Work
c) Helping my sister and brother-in-law
d) Work
e) Recovery, and
f) Work

Today (Monday) is the start of a new life - in many different ways. We'll see how long it lasts, but for today, the key phrase is "Thank God almighty, we are free at last!"

There are a whole bunch of things I want to write about - but the top half-dozen or so include

1) SAD - why it's a date, and not an emotion...
2) John Ameiche's coming-out, and why it shouldn't
be a big deal
3) Tim Hardaway's reaction, and why it IS a big deal
4) Rev. Bradley E. Schmeling, and how the
ELCA is dealing with him
5) Chad Allen, Save Me, and how the
religious right is dealing with him
6) How the recovering GLBT community may manage to
get me to dance with another man for my 50th birthday

But for now, it's off to bed for a few hours before the new day begins...