Monday, July 02, 2007

A public-service announcement

The creators of the documentary DVD God and Gays: Bridging the Gap are putting on a series of phone broadcasts and interviews. If you are interested in this, click on my profile and the "email me" link, and I'll send you the information. (I don't want to post the call-in number info on here, as unscrupulous people have tried tying up all the lines for other gay call-ins... /sigh/)

(Frustratingly, I will be in Van Wert with my young charges Thursday night, so won't be able to hear this...)

Hear from the Reconciliation Movement father himself, Rev. Dr. Mel White, in what he has to say about the recent Ex Gay Survivor's Conference, the state of homosexuality and religion post-Jerry Falwell (his former boss), and so much more as our next guest on the God, Gays & You Live Interview Series, Thursday, July 7th, 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern.

Rev. Mel White will be a key speaker at our God & Gays Gathering. His background is a complicated one. He was a ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell, worked with the religious right leaders all the while undergoing shock therapy, exorcisms and a personal hell trying to rid himself of being gay.

He finally came to acceptance to who he is created to be and co-founded Soulforce, an organization based on Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi's non violent, universal spiritual principles to bring about social change. He is a world renown speaker and author seeking to eradicate spiritual violence on the gay community. His first book, Stranger at the Gate is documented to have saved thousands of people's lives from suicide and his most recent book tells the horrific behind-the-scenes stories of the religious right, Religion Gone Bad.

Since this topic is rarely openly discussed, you never know who you could be helping by forwarding this email around to your networks, blogs, myspace, facebook, groups and lists. Invite 10 people you know to be on the call right now!

There are only 497 spots available on this call. Call a few minutes early to be sure you get in.

Thursday, July 7th, 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

Phone Number: (email me for the call in and password #)

Email us your question in advance
for Mel White:
and during the call,

It's free to attend the call, normal long-distance charges apply.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Here's a switch....

...cross-posting from the formerly-all-str8 blog, for a change.

Given that a lot more straight people read that blog than this one, I thought it appropriate for Pride to post over there about what I'd like straight Christians to know about being a gay Christian. I was inspired by my GCN friend Peterson, and the dozens of responses he asked to the question a couple months ago: As GLBT Christians, what would you want straight Christians to know about your experience and your identity?

I don't think it's possible to be all inclusive on this answer - but being a man who believes 3,000 words are better than 300, I tried...