Thursday, September 28, 2006

Endings, and an interesting first step

I will be offline for a couple days - I am moving to Ohio, and the cable guys come today at noon to take the modem. So I will be more techno-deprived than I have been since I first came to Chicago, and waited for SBC to install my phone and DSL...

The lion's share of packing is ahead of me, and it will be two crazy days. ..

The interesting first step, though, came in an email from a fellow blogger. He had read that I was listening to the GCN Radio podcasts from, and noted that I had my address listed on my GCN profile as from the Toledo area. So he reached out by email and invited me to join a group of Toledo GCN members at a get-together tentatively planned for October.

That is very cool.

When I'd lived in Toledo previously, I'd always thought of it as a beer-&-a-shot autoworker's town, and never ever saw any signs of gay culture there. Sure, Columbus and Chicago had Gay Pride Parades, but never anything like that in Toledo. There were always the sly hints and slurs from other guys about this bar or that bar being "fag bars," but other than that, I had no idea.

So my goal had been to connect with the MCC church in Toledo (which, unfortunately, is all the way downtown, some 20-plus miles from where I will be) and see what gay life there might be either near the University of Toledo or near Bowling Green State University in nearby Bowling Green, Ohio. But those were pretty tenuous plans.

Now, at least, I have a name, and an email, of a real live fellow gay Christian. Wow.

So that's it, for now. I have "miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I leave," to steal a famous line. So I am off to laundry, and work, and packing galore. I should be back up and online late Sunday night from the cornfields surrounding the Glass City...


  1. Hooray for the connection! May it lead to many more.

  2. Well, I don't know if I'm any sort of guide to Gay life in Toledo -- Okay, I know I'm not. But hopefully we'll get together with some GCN folk or otherwise and hang out.

  3. Sometimes, I get the feeling that "being gay" is the most important thing in a gay person's life. Is it really that important?

  4. Glad I poped over to your blog today! I grew up 2 miles North of the Toledo OH/MI, both my parents still live there. I am not home often as it's no longer really a home for me. I had NO idea there was an MCC church in Toledo or any GCN people. I def would love to get togeather with you all if you meet up.

  5. Bruce, your question requires a post unto itself...but trust me, it's a very valid, and important, question.

    And Drew, that's some great news. I'll keep you posted...