Sunday, October 22, 2006

Great voices, great video

Courtesy of's GCN Radio, I recently heard about the "gay Christian pop duet" of Jason & deMarco. You can hear a great interview with them on the GCN Radio website (the link takes you directly to the broacast), or read a great review of them on the PlanetOut music site.

Or you can just go straight to the Logo Network site, and click on the second Click List Video entitled "This Is Love." Not only is it a pleasant song, it's a visually attractive video of two young men in love. The video has been in the top 10 on MTV's Logo network for 14 weeks!

Of course, it doesn't hurt that both the guys are particularly easy on the eyes, or that Jason Warner is a dead ringer for Randy Harrison (Justin on "Queer as Folk")...

It's so strange to hear them talking about touring, doing concerts in churches as an openly gay, openly Christian singing duo. Jason had been in the contemporary Christian scene in college, and when he came out to his band-mates, he was asked to leave the band and was basically dropped like a hot rock. He started doing a music ministry with the gay-welcoming Metropolitan Community Churches, and prayed for a partner who would affirm his ministry in the church.

Instead, Jason met a partner, deMarco DeCiccio, who joined him in his music, his ministry, and his life. (You can hear the rest of their early story in this podcast from GCN's first season in 2004.)

It's fascinating to hear them talk about their "cross-over" into more secular gay clubs and doing dance remixes of some of their songs (which have been dubbed "Spirit Pop," after their successful 2004 CD release). Unfortunately, it also raises my ire to hear that their supposed Christian following feels like they've been sold out when the boys do club/dance music, or talk about life, love and (gasp!) sex to gay magazines like The Advocate or Out.

Hellooo.....they're gay, partnered singers....what a surprise that they'd be talking about gay life, people...

It's the old story - you can be gay, you can even be "out" and gay. Just don't act gay in front of the straight might spook 'em...

Listen to the two podcasts (especially the 2004 one) the video. True love is cool.

Tonight, I'm headed out to the "Live & Let Live" group tonight - and this time, I am going out to J&G's Pizza, afterwards. The unpacking mess will be here when I get back...


  1. its disheartining to c such cute guys being gays

  2. I can understand it from a straight girl's perspective - but trust me, it's not disheartening to us at all...

  3. I've known Jason for years.. As to the selling out, there is a bit of truth to it. They went through a time a while back when they nearly disappeared from the ministry scene and focused almost exculsively on the secular side of their career. They only came to their church following to seek money and to fill a few empty times in their schedule. They have come back more to balance. Their church presentations actually do ministry in ways that are very effective with the gen X group -- a group that the church desperately needs to reach. There's a bunch of GLBT Chrsitian artists out there -- seek them out.

  4. Hi Steve..

    These guys are good. I really enjoy their songs and actually ordered "till the end of time".

    In Him

  5. Hey Steve..

    Just wondering if you every heard of Joshua and Jacob Miller. These guys are really awesome. Love there song #1 in Heaven. They have an interesting story that they tell.