Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well, that does it...

...after 2 years, and after a year of stop-and-start coming out, I finally have stepped through the closet door on my other blog, the one I started after my seminary career ended.

To the best of my knowledge, everyone who reads it who I care about knows already. But it will be interesting to see how the straight Christians who I hung around with for years react - if they, in fact, care at all.

The good news is, I'm not nearly as much of an approval whore as I was two years ago, so it's not gonna matter nearly as much as it did 2 years ago. Or even six months ago.

For now, I'm going out to brunch, and then get into the rest of the day and listen to the Jason & deMarco CDs that arrived in yesterday's mail!


  1. Stevo:

    congratulations on merging the worlds. I would like to be there myself; I am now in the unlikely position of living three on-line lives, all through the effort to keep my incognito from going the way of the dodo and exposing my wife, who fears my big mouth and other people's logic.

    But I have a thought that I would share, which is advice I have not taken myself: my social life in my new "home" [and it's not that by a mile, yet] has been almost exclusively within the [tiny] gay community. Don't forget the wider world. Don't let Steve disappear in one way the way he felt he had to disappear in another.

    Much as it seems to have cost me my marriage and former life, I still believe that wholeness is where it's at. Let me live in truth, and hope grace may follow.

    Dear God, let it follow.


  2. Congrats Steve. A big step. Now take some time and enjoy the courage you have shown and realize that you are moving toward living in truth.

    No trick in this!